Be prepared to laugh, cry, and become fully present in a safe creative environment.

Lyndsay Hailey's workshops are a one-of-a-kind experience. For improvisers, actors, artists and anyone interested in cultivating higher consciousness in their craft, Lyndsay teaches students how to become fully present in their performance, art, relationships and even daily life. 

Lyndsay curates each workshop to meet the needs of the individual student and the group as a whole. Her technique draws from a lineage of Kundalini yoga and over a decade of teaching experience, using breath-work, meditation, body alignment and partner exercises to remove emotional blocks.

She has fine-tuned her methodology all around the world, including the UK, Canada, France, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and Poland; and in Chicago and Los Angeles at the Second City, iO and iO West.


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Sean Cancillieri


Improv takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. Lyndsay is a master teacher that understands the work, but more importantly, she loves to simply be with people and have some laughs along the way. Lyndsay uses a multitude of tools to bring you into the physical and imaginative space. I would recommend this workshop to actors and non actors alike.


Chelsea David


Lyndsay helps students open their minds and hearts to the infinite possibilities of improvisation, past the comedic, past the expected and common. Her workshop is a celebration of humanity that helps each student tap into their core. I was honored to snag a spot in her workshop in April 2016 and haven't thought of improv the same since. I cannot wait to take her classes again.


Julie Brannen


Lyndsay is nothing short of magical. Her facilitation of Presence Practice opens the heart and mind to experience Improvisation in a new way. As a dancer, embodiment in performance is essential and Lyndsay helped me access this to find my truth with words. She also helped my imposter syndrome of "I'm not an actor so there's no way I could do Improv" go away instantly.


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