Lyndsay Hailey Shows



Shaman Noodles

Everything happens for a reason, right? After coming within centimeters of SNL, Lyndsay Hailey experienced a spiritual awakening. Shaman Noodles is a buffet of characters and sketches inspired by her journey back to the stage and into the light. Making fun of herself all the way to the spirit bank, Lyndsay's latest solo show features the artist at her most authentic. 


30% Chance of Hailey

30% raw truth. 70% comedic embellishment. 100% laugh-out-loud hilarious. Lyndsay Hailey's critically acclaimed solo show features sketches and characters inspired by Lyndsay's life circa 2009. Whimsical, emotional and funny as hell, 30% Chance of Hailey is "a beautiful blend of high- and low-brow humor that’s served honestly and unflinchingly." (Topanga Messenger)