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    Lyndsay is a master of performing, writing, directing, and teaching improvisational and sketch comedy. She has screen-tested for Saturday Night Live, toured internationally with The Second City Touring Company, and performs and teaches with iO and iO West.


    Her sketch shows, "The Lyndsay Hailey Variety Hour" and "30% Chance of Hailey" were critically acclaimed. The Chicago Reader named "30% Chance of Hailey" Critic’s Choice, calling the show “one of the best, most inventive solo productions in years.”


    She has been in Uncle Kent 2, Close Quarters, and recently starred across from Mark Boone Junior (Sons of Anarchy) in the short film Get Well Soon. Her teaching technique has led her all over the world to rave reviews. Lyndsay Hailey has taught in Poland, France, Scotland, England, Germany, Australia, Austria, Denmark, the U.S. and Canada.


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    Sean Cancillieri


    As a MFA candidate at the University of Florida, I was privileged enough to teach improvisation throughout my three years in the program. As a teacher, I tried to give my students something they could take away from the class and bring into their daily lives. I introduced the teachings of Elkhart Tolle, Buddha, and Alexander Technique. I was captivated by the "higher creative self" and the greater meaning of what it means to be present and connect with each other and yourself in new, profound ways. Lyndsay Hailey's recent workshop at iO in Los Angeles attacked that bridge between improvisation and being at peace with others head on. Improvisation is always tricky, but it teaches you to consider higher concepts of the human expended and apply them simultaneously; Connection, breath, finding ease, presence, vulnerability and openness. Lyndsay uses a multitude of tools to bring you into the physical and imaginative space including Yoga, games, and a philosophy that only generates safety and trust. Her approach to the work isn't academic, simplistic or overly complicated but rather a direct correlation between higher learning and understanding combined with the joy of improvisation and how it can influence the way we live our lives in a positive way. Improv takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to master, Lyndsay is a master teacher that understands the work, but more importantly, she loves to simply be with people and have some laughs along the way. Learn to laugh and be present, I would recommend this workshop to actors and non actors alike.




    Lyndsay is nothing short of magical. Her facilitation of Presence Practice opens the heart and mind to experience Improvisation in a new way. As a dancer, embodiment in performance is essential and Lyndsay helped me access this to find my truth with words. She also helped my imposter syndrome of 'I'm not an actor so there's no way I could do Improv" go away instantly.




    Lyndsay's workshop changed how I improvise and how I prep myself for shows and rehearsals. The exercises she walked us through--and, truly, she guided each and everyone of us--made it easy to recognize my own POV while maintaining a soft focus and a heightened sensitivity to the events occurring around me. Her workshop got me in the zone, and I frequently use a handful of the exercises to get my mind right before a set. Even if you tend toward the cynical when it comes to stuff with a new age feel, get over it for an afternoon. Highly, highly recommend.



    Actor. Dancer.


    Lyndsay creates an environment that breeds love and support in her workshops. Her care of the individual strengthens the group, encourages people to be fearless and explore together. Incorporating several yoga practices into each class, Lyndsay helps students open their minds and hearts to the infinite possibilities of improvisation, past the comedic, past the expected and common. Her workshop is a celebration of humanity by helping each student tap into their core. I was honored to snag a spot in her workshop in April 2016 and haven't thought of improv the same since. She is an extremely supportive teacher and highly understanding person. I cannot wait to take her classes again.

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